Sunday, 26 April 2015

Taranaki Farm and the Vision.

This blog is a little different from all the rest.
It's been a little while since i last posted and unfortunately it will probably be a little while until i post again. This year has been super busy with outdoor ed work, trips, training and assignments and not a huge amount of time to share new food adventures. Being busy is only a temporary distraction though and i assure you, the passion is still there- alive and strong!

This weekend marked the start of some real research in to what has only ever been a dream for me. The beginning of the search for the perfect bit of land for what will eventually be our own self-sufficient home/ b&b/ farm? We haven't quite got that far... something with plants, food, animals, beer, wine cheese, cellar, larder?

What better way to mark that beginning than with an inspirational day at Taranaki Farm in Woodend, learning how the simple movement of animals can help to heal and regenerate the land. Joel Salatin said today "the land cries for caress" and that's exactly what Taranaki Farm are doing in such simple ways. We met the cows, or "beautiful innocuous bovines" and the egg-mobile which can be shifted with the movement of the cows. We met the pigs the egg-layers and the broilers and we checked out their new farm shop or "rural distribution centre" for legal purposes! Although we have a slightly different vision (less animals, more food and brew) It was really nice to see a vision for sustainable farming practices put in to action which gives us hope that these things are doable!

Costa Georgiadis told me to "share it", so i am. I'm sharing my dream of being self sufficient, of living off the land, growing, cooking and eating my own. Brewing and drinking my own too (thanks Cal) and then eventually, feeding other people with what we have so lovingly created. It all sounds a bit hippy lala, but i'm feeling pretty inspired, full of opportunity and super lucky to be able to even start looking at land! This will hopefully evolve over the next year (watch this space) and maybe updates will become more and more frequent as we get more excited about this new adventure.

When this all gets off the ground running, who would you like to come and build with us in return for some homemade goodies?