Sunday, 19 October 2014

Banana & Muesli Bread With Natural Yoghurt and Maple Syrup

 I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately -a bit of an unintentional break from the old blog. Lots of cooking has happened since my last post, but sadly, no time for photos and sharing. While i haven't been at the screen, I'll have you all know that I have been having a lot of fun! I've moved in to a beautiful mud brick house a little way from my work (where i was previously living) and have been having many a fun time in the sunshine. It is now well and truly Spring! Lots of work and lots of training and a new found passion for rock climbing.... watch this space!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to and I really have been meaning to update you all with a new recipe. Today's is spontaneous  I hadn't planned to cook today or even blog for that matter, but it all worked out so well that I might just share what happened in my kitchen this afternoon.

Banana and Muesli Bread Ingredients
1/3 cup. Almond Meal
1/3 cup. Rice Flour
1/2 Cup Rye Flour (or Gluten Free alternative)
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 cup. Mixed Muesli (oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc)
1 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1/2 tsp. Ground Ginger
4 Very Ripe Bananas, mashed
3 Eggs, beaten
3 tbs. Natural Yoghurt
1 tsp. Vanilla Essence
1/3 cup. Coconut oil melted
1 tbs. Maple Syrup (optional)
1/4 cup. Milk of choice

Preheat Oven to 180-200 and grease a medium sized loaf tin.
In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients. If you do not have muesli, use rolled oats and throw in some sultanas. In a separate bowl, mash the bananas and add all wet ingredients, saving the coconut oil until last. Combine the dry and wet ingredients together and mix through the melted coconut oil. Fill the loaf tin and bake for 45 minutes to an hour or until a skewer comes out clean.

Serve with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. 
 Enjoy this Beautiful Banana Bread for Breakfast, Brunch, or just Because (how's that for alliteration?!)

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