Friday, 26 July 2013

Spiced Cauliflower Salad with Tahini Yoghurt Dressing

The cafe I used to work at makes a yummy cauliflower salad. This is my inspired version.

1/2 cauliflower
1/2 capsicum chopped small
1/2 tomato chopped small
1-2 red onions sliced thinly 
1/3 cup currants
Cumin powder
2 tsp Cumin seeds
Lemon juice
2 tsp Black Mustard seeds
Half bunch flat leaf parsley finely chopped

First, caramelise the onion. 
In a frying pan heat oil until hot and cook onions on low heat until soft and caramelised. Before they are done add the currants and cinnamon and some salt. The currants should expand and become really juicy. Set aside.

In a big frying pan, heat oil until very hot and add cumin seeds and mustard seeds until they pop.
Throw in the cauliflower and fry to absorb  flavour of the spices then add tomato and capsicum. Add some cumin powder and some more cinnamon. Salt if you need. Add a big squeeze of lemon juice. 
Fry until combined and cauliflower has softened a little. 
Add caramelised onions. 

When the salad has cooled off a bit add the chopped parsley and mix well.

2 tbs tahini
2/3 cup natural yoghurt
Lemon juice

Combine tahini and yoghurt. Mix well. Add water gradually until you reach the consistency you want. Add lemon juice to taste. 


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