Saturday, 5 July 2014

Turmeric Scrambled Eggs

I needed a bit of a flavour sensation for my breakfast the other morning.
A few years ago i did an incredible Indian cooking workshop in Sydney with a woman called Madhu Arora. The workshop ran over 2 days- the first day dedicated to North Indan cuisine and the second day to South Indian.

I just found my diary entries from when i was there. Madhu has left a lasting impression on me. 

 The cooking today was so nourishing and satisfying. It was as if you could taste every single element of the dishes. Words can't explain how satisfied i am and how worthwhile my day was.
Madhu Arora is someone i will remember for a very long time....
I came to Normanhurst with the expectation to learn about and cook authentic Indian food, but i have left with so much more than i could have imagined. I feel as if i have learned more about myself at this workshop weekend than i have about cooking.

Anyway! This recipe is not at all about what i cooked on that weekend, but it was Madhu who first taught me to really appreciate spices and how they differ in the north to the south and what they can do for you. Turmeric in particular is one that stood out to me, hence it's appearance in my Asian style eggs. Not only does turmeric have a fantastic colour and taste amazing, it's also supposedly a fantastic anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant and antiseptic. Gargle some turmeric and salt in warm water for a sore throat. I'm no Ayurveda expert, but from what i've read, turmeric is super versatile. I reckon it's pretty cool!

Ingredients for Turmeric Scrambled Eggs
*If you don't eat eggs, try subsituting the eggs for firm tofu. Mash it up with a fork and voila, it's virtually the same dish!*

Coconut oil for frying
2 eggs beaten
dash of milk
1 red chilli chopped small
dash soy sauce or tamari
1/2 tsp fresh ginger, grated
1 small garlic clove
half tomato diced
2 mushrooms cut small
1 spring onion cut small
2 tsp turmeric powder
handful baby spinach leaves
fresh coriander
juice of half a lime or lemon

Beat the eggs in a bowl with a dash of milk of your choice add chopped coriander and spinach leaves.

Heat the oil in a pan and add soy sauce, chili, garlic and ginger. Add the mushrooms, tomato and spring onion. Fry until mushrooms soften and add the turmeric.

Add the egg mixture and stir until the eggs are cooked. Serve with a squeeze of lime/lemon juice and enjoy!

If you're interested in Indian cooking workshops I would highly recommend Madhu!

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